point of sale computer screen

The StoreLIVE! system is a full-featured point-of-sale and inventory management system designed for the unique needs of independent small and medium-sized retailers. Many independent retailers offer a unique mix of products. Ranging from grocery categories such as bulk food, deli and produce to general merchandise categories like crafts, clothing, fabric, shoes, books, lawn and garden, and hardware. Each of these product categories introduces unique requirements. The StoreLIVE! system has many flexible features allowing the system to be used in these diverse environments. Please contact us to learn more about this system or to schedule a live demo.

What makes StoreLIVE! unique?

  • Credit card processor flexibility (you’re not locked into one company’s rate)
  • Continue working with your local IT provider
  • Process hundreds of transactions daily at every register lane
  • Train new employees quickly with intuitive UI

StoreLIVE! Point-of-Sale Features

  • Fast, efficient checkout
    • High-speed barcode scanning
    • High-volume throughput
    • Touch screen or POS keyboard interface (with barcode scanning, a sale can be completed with as few as two screen taps.)
    • Intuitive interface is easy to learn and efficient to use
    • Quick item menus for items that don’t have barcodes
    • Easy Transaction Suspend/Resume
    • Automated return processing – Returns from original sales receipt
    • Allows for bottle deposit handling
    • Detailed customer-facing line display
  • Payment Methods
    • Cash (supports Canadian cash rounding)
    • Checks (optional prompt for ID)
    • Integrated Credit Card Processing
    • Food Stamps/EBT
    • Gift Card (supports: mag-stripe, barcode, or paper certificate)
    • Customer Charge Accounts
    • Offline Credit
  • Self-checkout
  • Robust promotion support (including mix/match, tiered pricing, buy one get one free, 3 for $1.00, etc.)
  • Customer pricing groups
  • Supports multiple tax rates or tax zones (city, county, state, etc.)
  • Scale integration for weight based items (produce, fruit, etc.)
  • Price-embedded barcode support (bulk food/deli/meat label printing scales)
  • Offline Mode: If the connection to the central server is lost, the checkout lanes will continue to function.
  • Intuitive interface for common cashier tasks such as error corrects, price overrides, multiple quantities, and receipt reprinting

StoreLIVE! Manager Features (back office)

  • Efficient POS drawer balancing
  • Electronic Journal: Allows powerful searching of all transaction with item level details
  • Robust Reporting
    • Many sales reports
    • Accounting reports
    • Inventory reports
    • Cashier auditing reports
  • Powerful item database supports advanced search, tracking of item information, multiple item types, and detailed pricing information
  • Price / Cost Management
    • Mass Price Change Tool: Change prices based on groups of items by fixed or percentage amounts; schedule the price change
    • Promotion Management: Schedule special promotional pricing
    • Cost Change: Update costs and selling prices, report on margins, import spreadsheets supplied by vendors
  • Vendor Management: Reconcile vendor invoices with items received. Automatically transfer invoice information to QuickBooks as a payable invoice
  • Purchasing: Purchase order screen supports automatic reorder points
  • Variable Weight/Length Barcode Printing

Inventory Management Features

  • Full Inventory Tracking Support
  • Purchase Orders
  • Auto Purchase Order Generation based on Min/Max settings
  • Ordering tool allows purchasing agent easy access to sales history, pricing and margin information on a single screen
  • Mobile Purchase Order App
    • Multiple warehouse and bin support for tracking item locations
    • Warehouse to Store Order Screen
    • Warehouse to Store Order Allocation/Approval
  • Warehouse/Distribution Management
  • Inventory Receiving allows receiving of items with or without a Purchase Order
  • Vendor Invoice Matching to verify received items against Vendor’s Invoice
  • Support purchasing and selling items in different units of measure
  • Support for inventory kits and/or assemblies
  • Customer Sales Orders and Invoices
  • Inventory Counting and Adjustments Application

Powerful Integrations